What is the Multiple Listing Service?

The MLS is the main place where real estate is bought and sold. Since the "MLS" has such a large impact on the sale of your home, the seller should know how it works.

The Ithaca Board of Realtors® is a part of the National Association of Realtors® and is an organized entity designed to help real estate agents from many different agencies cooperate with each other, establish guidelines for service and ethical issues, and strive to make the real estate community more professional. It also oversees the MLS computer system. This makes it the source that agents turn to first to find properties for their buyers.

Most residential real estate sales come about through the MLS. As real estate professionals, Realtors agreed to exchange information about properties for sale in order to help sell houses for the best price possible in the least amount of time.

The most important work Realtors do to market your home to other Realtors® on the MLS is to offer a good price, detailed listing information, and photos of your home.

The MLS will give you maximum exposure and this is the key to a successful transaction. There is no more effective way to sell your property and be successful.